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God intends for our children and youth to meet and accept Jesus Christ early in life and to realize their full potential in the Holy Spirit without the wounds of abuse to slow down their spiritual growth and development. This manual will guide your church leadership in screening and selecting leaders, how to appropriately interact with church, how to respond to accusations of child abuse and more. The manual also includes practical tools, such as sample forms when hosting events, a sample incident report, a sample application for volunteer work and other helpful forms.

This manual has been prepared solely for the use of The Foursquare Church, and Foursquare shall not be liable for use of the manual, in whole or part, by any other person or party.

Download the Child + Youth Protection Manual (PDF)

Vea el Manual para Protección de Niños y Jóvenes en español.


We are in the process of creating new training videos. We hope to make those available to churches in 2023. Until those become available, you can find the previous training videos here:

Yes! Reviewing the Child + Youth Protection Manual (CYP Manual) is required for license renewal.
Yes, we ask that all credentialed ministers review the CYP Manual it each year. Ask anyone working with children, including volunteers, to set aside time to review the manual each year as well.