The Birth of The Covenant Church

The idea of a Covenant church has been in the heart of Foursquare leadership for many years as one option for churches to be part of the Foursquare family through something called the Foursquare Association. The concept of Covenant church was totally recast in 2016 to fulfill a longtime goal of creating new options for local Foursquare churches to own and manage real property, which is a contrast to our historical model for property ownership where title to real property has been jointly owned by all Foursquare churches via our corporate structure.

The Covenant Agreement Adopted

In June 2016, the Foursquare convention body adopted a bylaw revision to provide for a Covenant church to be a local Foursquare church, but with its own corporate existence. The unique feature is the existence of a written covenant agreement, voluntarily entered into by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG) and the local Covenant church. In the covenant agreement, the local Covenant church pledges itself to adhere to the bylaws of ICFG and to operate fully as a local Foursquare church. In turn, ICFG pledges itself to provide covering and care to a local church.


The Covenant Process Outlined

The diagram below illustrates a clear pathway to become a Foursquare Covenant church. The process begins with a consultation with your new district supervisor, and concludes with the benefits, community and services that The Foursquare Church is honored to provide to its family.

Step 1: Consultation

Consultation between senior pastor and district supervisor.

Step 2: Orientation

Church reviews orientation video and materials.

Step 3: Credentials

Senior pastor engages process to receive a Foursquare credential.

Step 4: Documentation

Church completes form AR1c and compiles documents.

Step 5: Vote

Local congregation votes to join as a Covenant church.

Step 6: Submit to District

Church delivers completed packet to district office.

Step 7: Review Application

ICFG Legal and Insurance departments review application.

Step 8: Board Approves

ICFG issues a resolution to approve the transition.

Step 9: Sign Agreement

ICFG signs covenant agreement with local church corporation.

Step 10: Database Access

Church staff receives logins to access The Foursquare Hub.

Step 11: Welcome

District team welcomes Covenant church.

Step 12: Covenant Church

The local church board assumes responsibilities.

Step 13: Ongoing Support

Districts + the Foursquare One Team provide support.

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Not a Foursquare Church but looking to affiliate?

Foursquare Community churches are completely autonomous and independent legal entities. A Foursquare Community church affiliates with Foursquare but is not a Foursquare legal entity. There are numerous benefits to becoming a member of the Foursquare Association as a Community church.